In org-mode, I want to make an agenda view showing all notes tagged with "NOTE" or "LOGG". The following code does not produce the result I want:

(setq org-agenda-custom-commands '(("o" "NOTES" tags "+NOTE+LOGG")))

This code will sort out all notes tagged with both NOTE and LOGG.

How can I change my code to filter out notes containing either NOTE or LOGG?

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The OR operator is "|". Searching for NOTE|LOGG will find entries with the NOTE tag OR the LOGG tag.

There is a list of all the available options on the advanced searching page of the manual. The basic operations are:

| or 
& and 
+ include matches 
- exclude matches 

OR always comes last in the order of operations.

Regular expression searches are also possible using {}. A search for +{NOTE\\|LOGG} will also find entries with NOTE OR LOGG.


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