I'm a recent convert to helm. helm-M-x displays commands and includes key-bindings in parens after the command name. helm-apropos displays commands and other things. I'd like it to display the key bindings for commands that have them the same way as helm-M-x does.


Welcome to helm, you will like it ;)

One way to do it is to just overwrite the original function which builds the source for the apropos command candidates with this:

(defun helm-def-source--emacs-commands (&optional default)
  (helm-build-in-buffer-source "Commands"
    :init `(lambda ()
             (helm-apropos-init 'commandp ,default))
    :fuzzy-match helm-apropos-fuzzy-match
    :filtered-candidate-transformer (and (null helm-apropos-fuzzy-match)

    :candidate-transformer 'helm-M-x-transformer-1
    :nomark t
    :action '(("Describe Function" . helm-describe-function)
              ("Find Function" . helm-find-function)
              ("Info lookup" . helm-info-lookup-symbol))))

The added part is this:

:candidate-transformer 'helm-M-x-transformer-1

which adds the keybindings to the candidates list. Just load this function after you loaded helm in your init file.

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    Thanks, I figured it was something like that but wasn't sure of which function to modify, the format to add the transformer (other places use :fc-transformer) or if helm-M-x-transformer-1 was exactly right (if all it does is add the keybinding it seems like it could have a better name). – Howard Aug 26 '15 at 1:24
  • @hatschipuh, how come I get a (wrong-type-argument listp helm-M-x-transformer-1) error? – Emacs User Aug 26 '15 at 2:52
  • @EmacsUser I don't know, somehow at your side it seems that it is expecting helm-M-x-transformer-1 to be a list of functions? Try to use :candidate-transformer '(helm-M-x-transformer-1) instead. – clemera Aug 26 '15 at 9:59
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    Not work for me, no key bindings in the list of helm-apropos like helm-M-x – CodyChan May 27 '17 at 3:07

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