The org-mode Worg site, org-export-generic , says that there is a wikipedia exporter. I tried to run it with M-x org-export-generic but i'm getting a 'Cannot open load file:org-export-generic' error.

I need to get my current .org file to export to a Jira Wiki Markup using export so I can put it on a JIRA description.

I'm using emacs24.3.1 on windows 7.

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The org-contrib packages are not included with Emacs -- you would need to download an org distribution and add the contrib packages to your load-path as described in the Installation section of the Org manual.

However, it looks like org-export-generic was removed from org-contrib a few years ago. You could experiment with ox-confluence (also part of org-contrib) as I believe the markup is the same for Confluence and Jira.

  • thanks for that, now i'm just facing a problem of the confluence exporter not handling slash \ is there a standard way to escape this characters for exporting?
    – Azeworai
    Commented Aug 27, 2015 at 2:04
  • What issue do you see with slashes? I'm using a somewhat modified version of ox-confluence and it seems to leave `\` alone.
    – glucas
    Commented Aug 27, 2015 at 2:32
  • When I have a link description with a slash like for example [[http:www.google.com][googl\e.com]] orgmode takes care of the link and displays it as googl\e.com but when i export it with M-x org-confluence-export-as-confluence it'll error with something like "Wrong type argument: stringp, (latex-fragment....." I realised that it does handle \ on a normal body text, but it encounters that error on a link's description.
    – Azeworai
    Commented Sep 2, 2015 at 1:03

Maybe this do not transform exactly to JIRA Wiki markup format but to Confluence Wiki Markup, just use this function:

org-confluence-export-as-confluence is an interactive compiled Lisp function in

(org-confluence-export-as-confluence &optional ASYNC SUBTREEP VISIBLE-ONLY

Export current buffer to a text buffer.

If narrowing is active in the current buffer, only export its
narrowed part.

If a region is active, export that region.

A non-nil optional argument ASYNC means the process should happen
asynchronously.  The resulting buffer should be accessible
through the ‘org-export-stack’ interface.

When optional argument SUBTREEP is non-nil, export the sub-tree
at point, extracting information from the headline properties

When optional argument VISIBLE-ONLY is non-nil, don’t export
contents of hidden elements.

When optional argument BODY-ONLY is non-nil, strip title, table
of contents and footnote definitions from output.

EXT-PLIST, when provided, is a property list with external
parameters overriding Org default settings, but still inferior to
file-local settings.

Export is done in a buffer named "*Org CONFLUENCE Export*", which
will be displayed when ‘org-export-show-temporary-export-buffer’
is non-nil.


Afters installing the package org-plus-contrib

I use cask, so you cand add in your Cask File:

(source org)
(depends-on "org-plus-contrib")

Just open your org mode file and:

M-x org-confluence-export-as-confluence

This will export

sample export

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