Event durations are pretty straight forward to denote:

<2015-08-27 Thu 14:30-21:00>

But what about an event that extends past midnight?

<2015-08-27 Thu 22:30-01:30>

Does not do what I think it does. Additionally, giving the date/time prompt something like 21:00+4 will result in a timestamp such as:

<2015-08-27 Thu 21:00-25:00>

What is the correct way to denote such an event?

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    Did you try just writing out two timestamps and joining them with a dash? – wasamasa Aug 27 '15 at 13:58

Org-mode uses two date/timestamps with a -- to indicate a range. For example:

<2015-08-27 Thu>--<2015-08-28 Fri>

If you call org-time-stamp (C-c ., or C-c ! for inactive timestamps) twice in a row it will automatically insert the dashes to indicate a range.

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