I am using Emacs on Windows 8.

Some processes when run through shell-command will request interactive input, notably commands like git push (which will ask for user name and password). Sometimes I will accidentially run such commands synchronously (shell-command without &) and Emacs will just freeze. The same happened with some commands when I was using bzr.

After freezing, it will become impossible to resolve the issue from within Emacs – C-g and any other input is simply ignored – and I have to track down the executable in the task manager. This may be related to the password prompt of git, which even in Cygwin entirely ignores common signals (e.g. C-c).

Is there some fix for this behaviour? I can do it for git push specifically with some function-advice for shell-command, but I'd rather find a general solution.


For reference: My current solution is to add an advice to shell-command, that adds the forgotten ampersand &, detecting commands by regular expression.

(advice-add #'shell-command :filter-args #'shell-command-git-fix-advice)
(defun shell-command-git-fix-advice (args)
  (when (and
         (not (string-match-p "&[ \t]*$" (car args)))
         (string-match-p "^git +push +" (car args)))
    (setcar args (concat (car args) "&")))

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