I use evil and evil-tabs with Emacs and am quite comfortable with my setup except a few times when I have multiple splits open in a tab, using :q ends up closing all the splits in the window. In Vim it will close only the split I am currently in.

I think this part of evil-tabs.el is responsible:

(evil-define-command evil-tab-sensitive-quit (&optional bang)
  :repeat nil
  (interactive "<!>")
  (if (> (length (elscreen-get-screen-list)) 1)
    (evil-quit bang)))
(evil-ex-define-cmd "q[uit]" 'evil-tab-sensitive-quit)

I tried doing the following in my .emacs:

;;; `:quit` ends up quitting more than I intended. So rebind that.
(evil-ex-define-cmd "q[uit]" 'kill-buffer-and-window)


(eval-after-load 'evil-tabs
  ;; `:quit` ends up quitting more than I intended. So rebind that.
  '(evil-ex-define-cmd "q[uit]" 'kill-buffer-and-window))

But :q again closes the whole tab. Any clues on how to change or debug this?

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I've submitted a pull request to fix this in the evil-tabs repo just now, so hopefully it will be applied soon. But in case it isn't or you don't want to wait (anyone coming here just now as I did) you can change evil-tab-sensitive-quit to be:

(evil-define-command evil-tab-sensitive-quit (&optional bang) :repeat nil (interactive "<!>") (if (> (length (elscreen-get-screen-list)) 1) (if (> (length (window-list)) 1) (evil-quit bang) (elscreen-kill) (evil-quit bang)) (evil-quit bang)))

The behavior is then:

if tab contains > 1 window, then :q will just close current window else close tab

and also

if last window in last remaining tab then :q will kill Emacs

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