I have a big org-mode file using tags and TODO keywords and properties. I would like to display a summary of "Effort" estimates on subsets of the headings with sums as we go up in the section hierarchy.

Columnview is perfect for the summing part, except it lacks any means to filter headings.

And clock table could display Effort estimates (if listed in :properties) and filter heading appropriately but won't sum Effort estimate up along the heading hierarchy, and actually do not display any heading without CLOCK set.

Any hints on how I could achieve this ?

EDIT: I managed to do this thanks to org-babel and some external python code, but that's awfully complex.

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    Could you please post your org-babel/python-based solution?
    – hartshoj
    Commented Mar 7, 2016 at 15:18

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You can use a tags-todo query to select a subset of headings by tag, and org-agenda-prefix-format to show the effort with the headline.

You need to work a little bit harder for the effort roll-up in parent headlines - here's one way to do it:

org-agenda todo effort rollup

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