I am going through emacs inbuilt Elisp tutorial. By default emacs fontifies( changes color ) visited links color like this

enter image description here

This fontification lasts only for current session. If i restart emacs, all fontification will be lost.

How can i make emacs to remember visited links even after restarting emacs so that it will be much easier for me to resume where i have stopped?


The history of visited nodes is stored in the variable Info-history-list. You will need to persist this variable across sessions. One way to do so it to use desktop-mode. Desktop mode automatically persists the variables that are declared in desktop-globals-to-save. So if you use desktop-mode something like the following should doe the trick

(add-to-list 'desktop-globals-to-save 'Info-history-list)

If you do not use desktop mode, you might have to write your own mechanism to persist the variable. Simplest would be write a function which runs on emacs exit (you can use the hook kill-emacs-hook to run the function at exit) that serializes the variable to a file using something like prin1-to-string.

You will then require another function which runs on emacs startup (you can use after-init-hook to run functions at startup) which reads the files and uses the function read to deserialize the the stored variable back. Of course this a lot of work to save a variable so I guess you can just use desktop-mode


@Iqbal gives a great answer to your question.

You might also consider using bookmarks to record Info locations of interest, including a bookmark for where you left off (which you update at the next left-off place, by just setting it again).

This is simple to do, and is exactly what you would do with a book or multiple books that you are reading.

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