In my .profile-file I have a setting like:

export TEXINPUTS=$TEXINPUTS:/home/myuser/projects/images//
  • If I try to include an image by using (TeX-insert-macro "includegraphics"), auctex is in the directory where my current latex file is by default. However I want to be it by default in the directory /home/myuser/projects/images/.

  • If I include then an image from this dir it gives includes the whole path. But this isn't desired since I have set the TEXINPUTS variable. So how can I change this such that it only inserts the filename and not the whole (relative) path?

Edit As suggested by @giordano, setting LaTeX-includegraphics-read-file to LaTeX-includegraphics-read-file-TeX should make it work. However in this case the solution in https://emacs.stackexchange.com/a/14011/2323 doesn't work anymore. However I want both.

Edit 2 Maybe one could create a custom helm source for inserting images, which is called when I want to insert an image via auctex (don't see how to bind this). Here is what I tried so far, but it doesn't work:

(defun helm-image-select ()
  (helm :sources
      (helm-build-async-source "helm-image-select"
        (lambda ()
          (start-process "find-images" nil "find" "/home/myuser/projects/images/" "-iname" helm-pattern)) ;; doesn't seem to work, in particular no fuzzy search... should also take all path's from TEXINPUTS as base.
    :action '(("insert-image" . insert-image-action)

(defun insert-image-action (candidate)
(insert (format "%s" (helm-get-selection))) ;; should return only the filename without the path

As said above, I also don't know how to connect this to auctex (maybe alternatively, this could be executed if I expand a snipped for includegraphics).

Another problem with the approach above shows up in the case I don't want to add a pictures from a path known by $TEXINPUTS. In particular in this case the path has to be insert such that latex can find the image.

  • Which is the value of LaTeX-includegraphics-read-file for you? If it's LaTeX-includegraphics-read-file-relative the path will be always inserted as relative, otherwise if it's LaTeX-includegraphics-read-file-TeX it should respect TEXINPUTS value (and if it doesn't work automatically add your directory to TeX-macro-private variable).
    – giordano
    Sep 8, 2015 at 8:05
  • That would solve the problem, indeed, but it would break your solution to emacs.stackexchange.com/a/14011/2323. Any idea?
    – student
    Sep 8, 2015 at 11:17


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