I have fuzzy matching in helm-apropos with helm-apropos-fuzzy-match set to true. I would like to get fuzzy matching for descibe-function and describe-variable and the like, too. How can I enable it for these?

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Setting helm-mode-fuzzy-match to t should do the work. These two just don't have separate options, let the helm maintainer know, if you think it is worth to have.


If you are not limited to Helm for this, and you use Icicles, then every command, not just describe-function and describe-variable, can use fuzzy matching.

To toggle fuzzy matching on, just use C-( or M-( from the minibuffer, depending on which type of fuzzy matching you want. Icicles has many types of fuzzy matching, and these keys cycle among matching/completion methods.

See Icicles -Completion Methods and Styles for details.

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