I'm using Edit with Emacs to edit Stack Overflow and Stack Exchange sites.
Currently I'm doing it with this message ;-)

When I click on the button under the text area of Chrome browser, I get a new file opened on Emacs. Current file is named emacs.stackexchange.com/questions/ask, which is opened in Text mode. I change it to Markdown mode, that makes it more appropriate.

When I press save the file: C-x C-s, the text gets updated in the browser.
Check this question regarding if file is saved locally or not.
But the mode is changed back to Text mode.

Is there a way to open the buffer in Markdown mode? Is it possible to avoid the change in the mode, when saving the buffer?

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Browsing through the source code of edit-server reveals that you can either customize edit-server-url-major-mode-alist or set the mode in edit-server-start-hook. Here's the example from the code:

;; Buffers are edited in `text-mode' by default; to use a different
;; major mode, change `edit-server-default-major-mode' or customize
;; `edit-server-url-major-mode-alist' to specify major modes based
;; on the remote URL:
;; (setq edit-server-url-major-mode-alist
;;       '(("github\\.com" . markdown-mode)))
;; Alternatively, set the mode in `edit-server-start-hook'. For
;; example:
;; (add-hook 'edit-server-start-hook
;;           (lambda ()
;;             (when (string-match "github.com" (buffer-name))
;;               (markdown-mode))))

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