In my org document, I have some urls that I would like to see exported plain-text, not as links. For example, if I have this in my org document,


exporting to HTML will result in this

<a href="http://www.pharo.org/">http://www.pharo.org/</a>

but I would like


Org automatically recognizes external links even without using the link syntax:

Org also finds external links in the normal text and activates them as links.

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Place the hyperlink in = tags to denote org-code verbatim.

Org-mode text like this:


will get exported to HTML that looks like this:


According to ORG Manual (12.9.5 Quoting HTML tags):

@@html:<span>@@your text@@html:</span>@@

is exported as:

your text

In the case of this question:


is exported as:


Instead of <span> and </span>, you can use <b> and </b> (ie bold) etc.
( Threre are other ways in that document.)

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