The output of certain commands in multiple major modes (term-mode, ansi-term, shell, eshell) is incorrectly spaced (see images). This occurs for numerous commands and does not occur in other emulators (such as xterm) or a tty. It even happens when I've launched Emacs without loading an init file (using the -q flag). Does anyone know what might be causing this behavior?

EDIT: I've also tried adding colors to less (through bash and zsh) to no avail within Emacs but it works perfectly within xterm. I believe this is the same issue but hopefully it'll help someone help me.

Odd spacing of Emacs output

Usual spacing for comparison

  • Perhaps a terminfo issue? If you do not already have the eterm-color support installed, do that and then try it again in ansi-term (shell and eshell are different).
    – phils
    Sep 30 '15 at 23:38
  • Hey phils, it seems that eterm-color support is present on my machine because both /usr/share/emacs/24.5/etc/e/{eterm-color,eterm-color.ti} exist; the *ti file wasn't present in /usr/share/terminfo/e/ but copying it there didn't help (nor did copying them both to ~/.terminfo which didn't exist before).
    – user9688
    Oct 1 '15 at 14:07

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