In Org mode: How can I move point (up) to the current heading (or the first line under the heading)?


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There is binding C-c C-p which might please you.

From the docstring: 'C-c C-p runs the command org-previous-visible-heading'. Also note C-c C-n for the move to the next heading.


org-mode is built on top of outline-mode, so you can use all the outline navigation commands. The one most relevant to your question will be outline-previous-visible-heading. You should probably find a comfortable keybinding if you plan to use it a lot.

Note that there is also a non-interactive org-back-to-heading that you could wrap in a command, if you like. Docstring says:

(org-back-to-heading &optional INVISIBLE-OK)

Call outline-back-to-heading, but provide a better error message.


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