When I schedule an item, I want to get something like:

** TODO Lift weights
   SCHEDULED: <2009-01-22 Thu +2d> 
   - State "DONE"       [2009-01-16 Fri 23:14]
   - State "DONE"       [2009-01-14 Wed 17:25]

I suppose the state update for something like SCHEDULED: <2015-10-07 Tue>--<2015-10-17 Tue> would be the same.

The scheduling as such looks OK in the org-agenda (something like myfile: (1/11): TODO Lift weights.

However, how does the "- State "DONE" ..." part get inserted? What function or key-biding generate these lines (when the time comes)? How do I keep track of partial tasks?

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The insertion of the - State "DONE"... is mostly controlled by the variable org-log-done, which causes org-mode to insert a timestamp when a entry is changed to a done state. You can also control this per-state by adding a (!) to the definition of the state in org-todo-keywords.

Whether the note is appended to the entry of placed in the LOGBOOK drawer is controlled by the org-log-into-drawer variable or the LOG_INTO_DRAWER property.

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