A lot of times we sleep after 12 o'clock, and some of the tasks that are done before we sleep will be counted as being done in the second day, which causes the repetition schedule to be a bit messed up. This is especially annoying for org-habit, since it will then say there's a break in the middle of the habit chain and that you've actually done the task for the following day instead, which forces you to manually edit the timestamps in the affected tasks to get the counting right again. In the flashcard app Anki, there is an option to treat cards finished certain hours past midnight as still being finished in the last day. I wonder if a similar functionality is available/can be configured in org-mode?

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    Near duplicate; check the variable org-extend-today-until
    – Juancho
    Oct 12, 2015 at 18:55
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    @Juancho However it seems this variable doesn't work with org-habit, and will actually a kind of confuse it. Maybe it should be a feature request for org-habit and repetitive tasks in org mode.
    – xji
    Oct 15, 2015 at 20:32

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(setq org-extend-today-until 4
      org-use-effective-time t)

That will:

  1. org-extend-today-until: Treat 4 AM as the time when the following day begins (instead of midnight)
  2. org-use-effective-time: If you're up at say 1 AM like me right now, treat the time when you mark a TODO as done as 23:59 of the previous day, sensu stricto

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