I've been trying to get nnmaildir to work along with mbsync (which syncs IMAP and Maildir mailboxes) and I just cannot get it to work with gnus.

With the following select method:

(nnmaildir "calgary"
           (directory "~/mail/ucalgary"))

I can open the connection and the server browse buffer shows all the groups:

K      0: Calendar
U      0: Inbox
K      0: Sent Items

When I open the Inbox I get the following error:

gnus-select-newsgroup: Couldn't request group nnmaildir+calgary:Inbox: No such group: Inbox

Now if I look in /home/crb/mail/ucalgary/Inbox/cur/ there are a number of read and unread messages for example 1443481160.3793_16.Feddie,U=16:2,S.

Any advice on how to fix this?

  • im also extremely interested in this. do you have to use devcot for this or can gnus just read a maildir mbsync folder?
    – zeltak
    Commented Jul 19, 2017 at 9:27
  • @zeltak Just linking your corresponding question here for posterity
    – Basil
    Commented Oct 19, 2017 at 1:40

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When I open the Inbox

I assume by this you mean you typed RET on the Inbox group when browsing the nnmaildir virtual server. When I ran into this problem, typing u (i.e. gnus-browse-unsubscribe-current-group) over the group in question first solved the problem. My guess is that subscribing to the group first moves the Maildir files to the expected place, but I know very little about the underlying operations and formats, so take this with a pinch of salt.

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