I'm working through SICP and I'm getting tired of defining the square function for the thousandth time, so I'd like to load it (and some others) automatically when I start the repl.

I use Geiser, but if you know how this works in any other REPL I'd switch.

(Of course there would have to be a way to start the repl without autoloading anything, in case one sets it up to autoload an infinite loop by mistake. But I usually only get these when I try to use a function, not when I define it.)

  • This is not an Emacs question, but rather a Guile (or Racket) question, I think. Geiser is only used to talk to the REPL process. You can load up a file containing your definitions with (load "filename") in Guile. – rekado Oct 17 '15 at 17:42
  • Look at geiser-repl-history-filename, setting this variable will make Geiser store the history of your work with the REPL. Also, you could simply load files with stored code using ,geiser-load-file in REPL. Try ,help geiser-load-file for some more info. – wvxvw Oct 17 '15 at 23:05

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