Is it possible to have a link to a specific heading (e.g. identified by a CUSTOM_ID property) of an external org file? The only relevant example in the external links section of the manual seems to be to an org-file as whole (and not to a heading of it).


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  • Go to the place you want your link to point.
  • M-x org-store-link
  • Go to the buffer where you want to have the link.
  • M-x org-insert-link

Is it possible to have a link to a specific heading...

Yes. The syntax is:


where file+emacs ensures emacs opens it another buffer, and the full path to org file gives the filename and org extension. #UniqueCustom_ID comes after the :: to identify the specific heading.

You can look at

info:org#External Links

for other variations and keyboard shortcuts.

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