Say there is a file a.org with the following link as a header:

** [[./projects.html][Software & Services]]

How can it be linked to (from another file)?

[[file:a.org::*Software & Services]] did not work. Neither did [[file:a.org::[[./projects.html][Software & Services]]]].


There is an automatic way of creating links with org-store-link (C-c l).

With the cursor on the header, call org-store-link. Then, on the link position, type C-c C-l (org-insert-link), and then M-p (or up arrow) to get the stored link and insert it. And it works!

The resulting documents are:


** [[./projects.html][Software & Services]]


** Somewhere else
This is a [[file:a.org::*%5B%5B./projects.html%5D%5BSoftware%20&%20Services%5D%5D][link]] to the first heading.

Note that this procedure automatically url-encodes your heading contents.


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