My Emacs customizations reside in a few separate .org files, all in the directory ~/emacs-prelude/personal. I'm always searching these files to find and change settings.

How can I define a function search-my-emacs-configutation-files to search the full text of these files?

It seems like the most obvious way would be to do a helm-projectile-grep, but Projectile seems to think the "project" is the entire Emacs-Prelude directory (including all my packages) when in fact I want to search only the subdirectory Personal which has my customizations.

helm-cmd-t seemed promising but it seems like it searches only filenames.

helm-do-grep works, but it asks me for the directory each time. I'd like to be able to call this function using a single keystroke.

  • You can just use M-x grep, and customize option grep-template to hard-code your directory. – Drew Oct 25 '15 at 15:37

There are many ways to do what you need, here is one by using helm's helm-do-grep-1.

(defun search-my-emacs-configutation-files ()
  (helm-do-grep-1 '("~/emacs-prelude/personal/*.org")))

If you even have .org files under some sub-directories under ~/emacs-prelude/personal/:

(defun search-my-emacs-configutation-files ()
  (helm-do-grep-1 '("~/emacs-prelude/personal") :recurse nil '("*.org")))

From C-h f helm-do-grep-1:


The 1st argument TARGETS is a list of files (including directories).

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