(where-is 'zap-to-char) ;; Prints ("zap-to-char is on M-znil")   
(where-is-internal 'zap-to-char) ;; [134217850] ;;; this number seems like junk to me!

I would like a function that returns M-z I imagine it would be something like (keypress-of 'zap-to-char).

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Convert between readable key description (string, such as "M-z") and key sequence (vector or string, such as [134217850], [?\M-z], "\M-z", these three are the identical as key sequence):

(key-description [134217850])
    ⇒ "M-z"

(kbd "M-z")
    ⇒ [134217850]

If you read the source code of where-is, you should be able to think of something like following

(mapconcat #'key-description (where-is-internal 'zap-to-char) ", ")
    ⇒ "M-z"

I want to do this often, so this might be too inefficient a way:

(defun get-keys (function)
  (with-current-buffer (get-buffer-create "temp-buffer")
    (where-is function t)
    (let* ((regex (pcre-to-elisp/cached "(,\\s|\\s\\()"))
           (results (s-split regex (buffer-string)))
           (take-until (- (length results) 1)))
      (subseq results 0 take-until)))) 

(get-keys 'ido-kill-buffer) ;; ("M-m b k" "C-x k")  
  • Other variants will be accepted. Perhaps one that is a variation on where-is in help.el? Oct 25, 2015 at 18:20

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