How can I simultaneously view multiple diffs with Magit? I want to view A..B in one window, and A..C in another window (B and C are diverged branches).

I can run magit-diff-dwim on A..B to view the first diff, but when I run it the second time on A..C, it appears to reuse the same buffer, replacing the A..B diff with A..C. I want to see A..B and A..C side by side to help resolve a merge conflict.


In the current Magit (v2.3.0), you can make a buffer stick around by calling magit-toggle-buffer-lock. In earlier versions, magit-rename-buffer served a similar purpose.

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  • Upgrading Magit and using magit-toggle-buffer-lock did the trick. Thanks for the quick response. – tboyce12 Oct 29 '15 at 1:49

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