When org-agenda-follow-mode is on, how do I make the buffer showing the items in the agenda narrow to the subtree of the relevant item?


Basically all you need to do this is to have org-narrow-to-subtree run right after whatever function org-follow-mode is calling, which happen to be org-agenda-goto. You have to be a little careful writing the advice because org-agenda-goto is sometimes called with an argument, which org-narrow-to-subtree can't take. Here's what we need:

(advice-add 'org-agenda-goto :after
            (lambda (&rest args)
  • Excellent snippet! Is there a way to make it follow in the same window? – Emmanuel Goldstein Nov 12 '20 at 9:26
  • It's working nicely :) – Student Dec 24 '20 at 19:45

Late response, but it may be helpful to someone.

There's another possibility to view tree in indirect buffer only for item at point with C-c C-x b

This indirect buffer can also be used in follow mode when you set org-agenda-follow-indirect to non-nil value like this:

(setq org-agenda-follow-indirect t)


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