Can we have nested bookmarks, working like a filesystem:

% Bookmark
- --------
  mark-n                         ~/work/file-n.txt

When I open dir-1 I have another screen with bookmarks, located in this dir:

% Bookmark
- --------
  dir-1-1                         ~/work/file-1.txt
  dir-1-2                         ~/work/file-2.txt
  mark-1                         ~/work/file-n.txt

So, we upgrade the bookmarks data structure from a list to a tree.

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Yes, with Bookmark+.

You would do it slightly differently from what you describe. You can bookmark (1) a bookmark-list display or (2) a bookmark file. When you "jump" to such a bookmark you (1) get that display or (2) switch to using that bookmark file.

(You can also bookmark an Emacs desktop -- when you "jump" to such a bookmark you switch to that desktop.)

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