When I set the core.editor="emacsclient -nc", after I press "C-c C-c" in the .git/TAG_EDITMSG buffer, I got the error message:

fatal: no tag message?

But here is the content of .git/TAG_EDITMSG file


# Write a message for tag:
#   v0.0.5
# Lines starting with '#' will be ignored.

I have tried to set core.editor to emacs or gedit -s, they all work fine. TAGS are created.

Emacs: compiled from git commit "ecb069e" Git : 2.6.2 OS : Ubuntu 14.04

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Remove the -n flag. Git expects the editor to block and -n tells Emacs not to block. Hence git tries to use the tag message before you even had the chance to write anything.

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