In GNU Emacs GUI, I use the Mac Command key as super: (setq mac-command-modifier 'super)

However, the key does not send input to Terminal or iTerm2. Given this, is there a way to simulate the super key and still access my Emacs super keybindings from within terminal mode?

If I'm trying to do keybinding (kbd "s-s"), for instance, can I tell Emacs to look for some substitute, like maybe EscEsck or something? Or even a key-chord like (key-chord-define-global "SS" 'super-modifier)?

Note: I also have keybindings that combine super with other modifier keys, e.g. (kbd "s-S-k"), i.e. ⌘⇧K.


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You can apply the Super modifier with the sequence C-x @ s (event-apply-super-modifier) to the next key sequence/input event.

See that functions description, other modifiers with C-x @ C-h and the info page "(emacs) Modifier Keys"

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