I use multiple monitors with different DPIs so I would like to have all windows in the Emacs frame on a specific monitor with a bigger font height to have the a closer physical appearance to the other monitor. We can assume I won't open the same buffer on separate frames/monitors.

Is this possible? I'm running brew 24.5 emacs on OSX.

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Yes. You can put a function on after-make-frame-functions (or perhaps make-frame-functions) that tests which display (monitor) is used and adjusts the frame's default font height (size) appropriately.

That function can use function display-monitor-attributes-list to determine which display is used. It can then change the size of the frame's font, if appropriate, using function set-frame-font.

  • Interesting: display-monitor-attributes-list doesn't seem to be able to determine physical dimensions of display port monitor, only hdmi. Can still figure out from the geometry.
    – miguelv
    Nov 18, 2015 at 19:09

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