I frequently want to follow an individual tag on a headline to see all the other headlines with that tag, however currently the entire tag block is bound as an agenda link, not each tag.

I've read up a bit on making custom links in Org but it seems like changing the behavior of the tag links will require advising or replacing whatever function handles the linking.

Does anyone have a starting point in the Org source for this?

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    It looks like the solution will involve modifying the regexp used by org-activate-tags, but the function will likely need to be revised to loop through all the tags in a given line -- i.e., the function presently examines the line as a whole. Other areas relating to fontification that rely upon org-activate-tags may also need to be modified similarly to accommodate the loop approach. I won't have time, however, to work on this project; but, perhaps this comment is sufficient to steer someone in the right direction.
    – lawlist
    Nov 24 '15 at 19:52

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