I have 2 documents, one of which I'd like to include in the other. The first is an assignment sheet, and the second the rubric I'm going to use to grade the assignment. I want to #+INCLUDE the rubric with the assignment so I can discuss it with the class when I assign it, but I have it as a separate file so I can fill out a copy for each student's paper when I'm grading them.

The rubric and assignment sheet both have #+TITLE and #+AUTHOR fields, viz:


#+OPTIONS: date:nil toc:nil num:nil
#+TITLE: Assignment Sheet
#+AUTHOR: me

* heading
#+INCLUDE: "rubric.org"


#+TITLE: rubric
#+AUTHOR: me

* content
  some content

When I export assignment-sheet.org with C-c C-e l o the result has both titles and both authors concatenated:

enter image description here

I wish the included file's redundant #+TITLE and #+AUTHOR could be subordinated to the those of the main file. Is there a way to accomplish this?

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I'll have a try.

To exclude first two lines of "rubric.org". include lines from 3 to end of file.

#+OPTIONS: date:nil toc:nil num:nil
#+TITLE: Assignment Sheet
#+AUTHOR: me

* heading
#+INCLUDE: "rubric.org" :lines "3-"
  • You're welcome! I'm not an expert, there must to be a more sophisticated solution. Commented Nov 28, 2015 at 0:18

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