I would like magit-diff and magit-status to always take up the entire frame. I am trying to do this using the fullframe package, and have configured things according to the documentation using:

(fullframe magit-status magit-mode-quit-window)
(fullframe magit-diff magit-mode-quit-window)

This configuration works if I use M-x magit-status/magit-diff. But if magit-status gets called from certain contexts, say if I access magit-status from the helm-projectile menu (M-g for me), or if I access magit-diff from magit-status by hitting return on e.g., staged/unstaged changes, neither is in fullframe - and this is a problem, because this is how I usually access these modes...Any suggestions as to how to configure things so that the specified commands trigger fullframe regardless of how they are called? Or is it the case that different functions are actually being called when magit-status and magit-diff are called in different context? I am not sure what's going on exactly...Thank you!


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I did some digging through the different magit commands, and have found that there are indeed a number of different commands for different contexts. For now, the following seems to cover all my current use cases, but I expect I will be adding more to the list in the future:

(fullframe projectile-vc magit-mode-quit-window)

Which is called when I activate magit from helm-projectile, and the rest are for magit-diff in various context (the names should be self-explanitory, and there are more - you can use M-x magit-diff- and look through all the available options/completions).

(fullframe magit-diff-staged magit-quit-window)
(fullframe magit-diff-unstaged magit-mode-quit-window)
(fullframe magit-diff magit-mode-quit-window)

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