I'd like to remove certain elements from the mode-line: modeline

To the left, the 802 is the buffer size in bytes, if I'm not mistaken. I could not care less about that.

To the right, it tells me the buffer uses unix linebreaks, and I have no idea what the 2.2.3 is, but it doesn't go away when toggling the "new version" element via SPC t m V.

I'd also like to remove the rightmost buffer progress indicator, and replace it with an x/y element in the point position field.

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The Spacemacs mode-line is provided by the Spaceline package. The answer for your question is found in the README, under the Turning segments on and off section.

To toggle off the buffer size, add this to your init file:


I'm not sure what displays the 2.2.3, though it might be from the perspective.el package. If it's not, there's also a list of all segments under the same section, so you can try them one by one until it works. Then you add the correct (spaceline-toggle-<segment-name>-off) to your mode-line.

About replacing a segment, I'm not sure what's the best way. You probably need to remove the segment and define your own segment via spaceline-define-segment, which is also explained in the README. To add your segment to the mode-line, the README says to use spaceline-install, but it requires you to specify the entire mode-line specification. If that's not what you want, you can try modifying the variables spaceline-left and spaceline-right, which are lists of mode-line segments. See their documentation for more (C-h v <variable-name>).


my humble guess is your 2.2.3 is your ruby version. you can remove it by removing the following variable in your .spacemacs file.

(defun dotspacemacs-configuration-layers ()
   '((ruby :variables ruby-version-manager 'rvm)))

@Gordon Yuan Gao is correct. The [2.2.3] is your ruby version. Most likely from this package https://github.com/senny/rbenv.el

If you are using this package then M-x and type global-rbenv-mode to toggle it on and off.

To permanently this off, add the following to your .emacs file: (global-rbenv-mode -1)

This worked for me.

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