Let's say I have a let form and I want to generate the varlist dynamically from another function. Something like this:

(let ((x 1)
      (y 2)

I have some local vars already in the varlist namely x and y. But I want to call a function that I called the-dyn-gen which returns a list like this '((a 3) (b 4)) now I need to make these sub lists (a 3) & (b 3) part of the varlist. Is this possible?


Looks like a macro could do that:

(defmacro mylet (defs fun body)
  (list 'let (append defs (funcall fun)) body))

;; example uses
(defun the-dyn-gen () 
  '((a 3) (b 3)))

(mylet ((x 1) (y 2)) the-dyn-gen (+ a b x y))

(mylet ((x 1)) the-dyn-gen (+ a b x))

(mylet nil the-dyn-gen (+ a b))

Disclaimer: while this seems to work, macros can be tricky.

Note that macroexpand is a nice function to test a macro. Here

(macroexpand '(mylet ((x 1) (y 2)) the-dyn-gen (+ a b x y)))

results in

(let ((x 1) (y 2) (a 3) (b 3)) (+ a b x y))

Note: related question with progv.

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