Is there a package to let emacs display the parameters of a function while typing?

For example, if I were to start typing printf( in C, I would like it to display the format taken from man pages, kinda like auto-completion, but without actually putting in any text.

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eldoc-mode does precisely this. From the wiki page:

A very simple but effective thing, eldoc-mode is a MinorMode which shows you, in the echo area, the argument list of the function call you are currently writing. Very handy. By NoahFriedman. Part of Emacs.

ElDoc works for EmacsLisp and certain other language modes that implement support for ElDoc. These include

  • CEldocMode – for C, by grepping cpp
  • CPerlMode – for Perl
  • css-eldoc – for css-mode, available on melpa, see https://github.com/zenozeng/css-eldoc
  • EshellElDoc – for Eshell
  • EukleidesMode – for Eukleides plane geometry language
  • PythonMode (the python.el one) – but only in Emacs 22, or using an Emacs 21 back-port
  • SemanticBovinator – tools using that system
  • TaclMode – Tandem/NSK/Guardian
  • TalMode – Tandem/NSK/Guardian
  • Org-mode

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