When I run describe-variable, then choose something, I often wind up looking at the same variable again later or next session. However, when I do describe-variable again, the helm list of variables that pops up is completely random, showing me variables I'll never use.

It would be much more useful to show me a list of my most recently described variables, as recentf does with files.

Is this possible? I use helm, and I see that helm-adaptive-mode is on. It would be great to make this work with other commands too, e.g. if load-theme would show me my most recently (or commonly) used themes instead of showing me a list of themes in random order.

Related, but didn't help me: Is there any way to order helm results by commonly used?


If you do not get a satisfactory answer for Helm, and if you are not limited to Helm and are open to another solution, you can use Icicles to do what you want.

You can sort completion candidates in general, not just for describe-variable, and a few of the sort orders are for recency of use.

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