On p.33 of the Org-guide Carsten Dominek writes

you can use #+LATEX: and #+BEGIN_LATEX ... #+END_LATEX construct to add verbatim LATEX code

Is there a keyboard combination or default snippet that automatically types either of those constructs into the .org file in a similar fashion to <s followed by TAB that adds #+BEGIN_SRC? (see minute 3:00 in this youtube tutorial)


These shortcuts are called easy templates. There are defaults for LaTeX lines (<L TAB) and LaTeX blocks (<l TAB).

And you can add your own templates by customizing org-structure-template-alist.


You can make use of this hydra code to assist you in entering many Org block templates:

(defun hot-expand (str)
  "Expand org template."
  (insert str)
(defhydra hydra-org-template (:color blue :hint nil)
_c_enter  _q_uote    _L_aTeX:
_l_atex   _e_xample  _i_ndex:
_a_scii   _v_erse    _I_NCLUDE:
_s_rc     ^ ^        _H_TML:
_h_tml    ^ ^        _A_SCII:
  ("s" (hot-expand "<s"))
  ("e" (hot-expand "<e"))
  ("q" (hot-expand "<q"))
  ("v" (hot-expand "<v"))
  ("c" (hot-expand "<c"))
  ("l" (hot-expand "<l"))
  ("h" (hot-expand "<h"))
  ("a" (hot-expand "<a"))
  ("L" (hot-expand "<L"))
  ("i" (hot-expand "<i"))
  ("I" (hot-expand "<I"))
  ("H" (hot-expand "<H"))
  ("A" (hot-expand "<A"))
  ("t" (hot-expand "<t"))
  ("<" self-insert-command "ins")
  ("o" nil "quit"))
(define-key org-mode-map "<"
  (defun org-self-insert-or-less ()
    (if (looking-back "^")
      (self-insert-command 1))))

Here's the hint you'll see in the echo area after pressing < from beginning of line:


See also.

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