I want to customize how a link is prettified. Specifically, I want Org-Ref's cite links to display the bibiliography key.

A cite link looks like:

[[cite:my-bib-key][pg. 2]]

The default prettified display looks like:

pg. 2

How can I tweak org-mode to get this display instead:

@my-bib-key: pg. 2

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That is a nice solution. I expanded this a bit here. It matches all the cite types and recolorizes the link. It doesn't do the manipulation to put @ and a space in, which can be done with the 'display property, but it add some complexity with extra managed properties that doesn't seem warranted to me.

(defun org-ref-make-org-link-cite-key-visible (&rest _)
  "Make the org-ref cite link visible in descriptive links."

    (let ((s (match-string 1))
      (beg (match-beginning 0))
      (end (match-end 0))
      (cite-re (format "^\\(%s:\\)"
               (regexp-opt (-sort
                    (lambda (a b)
                      (> (length a) (length b)))

      (when (and s (string-match cite-re s))
    (setq cite-type (match-string 1 s))
    (remove-text-properties beg end
     beg end
     `(face (:foreground ,org-ref-cite-color)))))))

(advice-add 'org-activate-bracket-links :after #'org-ref-make-org-link-cite-key-visible)

This has been pushed to org-ref, so it should be default behavior now. Thanks for sharing your approach!


I have a mostly working version. Org is pretty clever about how it fontifies links. It just hides the parts of the link when org-descriptive-links is non-nil. It does this using the buffer-invisibility-spec. The function that does all the heavy lifting is org-activate-bracket-links

My solution is remove the invisible property from the cite-key part of the URL by advising org-activate-bracket-links.

(defun my:make-org-link-cite-key-visible (&rest _)
  "Make the org-ref cite link visible in descriptive links."
  (when (string-prefix-p "cite:" (match-string 1))
    (remove-text-properties (+ (length "cite:") (match-beginning 1))
                            (match-end 1)

(advice-add 'org-activate-bracket-links :after #'my:make-org-link-cite-key-visible)

Unfortunately, there's no space between the key and the description so it looks like:

my-bib-keypg. 2

I'll look at using text properties to fix that, but that's a decent bit of complexity.

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