I successfully attach to my java app with emacs & gud, but gud-break doesn't work as expected: it runs only:

stop at :48

if the line number is 48. So even the class name is missing and the command fails. If I manually type in the gud prompt stop at <class>:48 that also doesn't work, I must type in the full package name: stop at com.app.Class:48.

How can I make gud run the correct command? I found about gud-def but I am baffled that this is not done properly out of the box and secondly, gud-def allows to insert the file name (class name) but I have no idea how I would insert the package name?


OK I got it... I started jdb with:

jdb -attach <port>

but starting it with:

jdb -attach <port> -sourcepath<source path on disk>

gud-break now works as expected.

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