I'm using the Anaconda distribution for Numpy, Ipython etc. and during the installation the following was added to my .bashrc:

# added by Anaconda2 2.4.0 installer
export PATH="/home/matthias/anaconda2/bin:$PATH"

when I run M-x shell in emacs "ipython bla.py" works perfectly fine. However, when I run M-x compile and then enter "ipython bla.py" it will say:

ipython bla.py
/bin/bash: ipython: Kommando nicht gefunden.

Compilation exited abnormally with code 127 at Tue Dec  8 13:35:59

How do I tell emacs about my anaconda installation, like I did in .bashrc?

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You should move $PATH to ~/.profile. .bashrc is only for interactive sessions; variables in this file do not propagate to GUI applications.

Once you moved the setting, restart your system, and Emacs should see your new $PATH.

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