I am having a large org-mode file and would like to export to HTML only a particular subtree. So I narrow to that subtree using M-x org-narrow-to-subtree and then export to HTML with C-c C-e h h.

However, the export fails since some references can no longer be resolved (as they point to other parts of the tree), so I simply get a message like the following:

Unable to resolve ID "mpm-2015-09-02"

The message appears in the mini-buffer and then the export fails.

When I try to export the entire document (without narrowing) I succeed.

Is there any way to instruct org-mode to just export the text of the link instead of failing?

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The configuraton variable org-export-with-broken-links was added quite recently to support this.

You may not be running a sufficiently recent org-mode to get that option, though, since it was only committed in October. It doesn't seem to have landed in the org-plus-contrib package I'm running from MELPA, for example (version 20151123).


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