How do I disable all pre-existing yasnippet snippets? I only want to use ones that I define myself.

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Customize the value of yas-snippet-dirs so that it doesn't include the default snippet directory. On recent yasnippet versions this will be the symbol yas-installed-snippets-dir.

yas-snippet-dirs is a variable defined in `yasnippet.el'.
Its value is ("~/.emacs.d/snippets" yas-installed-snippets-dir)

List of top-level snippet directories.

Each element, a string or a symbol whose value is a string,
designates a top-level directory where per-mode snippet
directories can be found.

Elements appearing earlier in the list override later elements'

The first directory is taken as the default for storing snippet's
created with `yas-new-snippet'. 

You can customize this variable.

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