This question is pretty self explanatory. I'd like to move evil-mode-line-tag to the beginning of mode-line-format. However, when I try my instinctive solution:

(setq-default mode-line-format (cons 
                                 (delete 'evil-mode-line-tag 

My changes seem to be reverted instantly. Why is this, and how can I achieve the effect I'm looking for?


Evil does modify the mode line on its own and refreshes it regularly (according to the code at activation and state changes). The placement of its tag depends on evil-mode-line-format, theoretically it should be possible for the code to perform (cons 'evil-mode-line-tag mode-line-format), but I've went with (setq evil-mode-line-format '(before . mode-line-front-space)) instead as that does definitely work for me.

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