I am seeing it in connection with certain websites and eww.el. Is there quick hack I can do to make those sites load?

The error I see is like the following:

error in process filter: url-domsuf-parse-file: Opening input file: \
no such file or directory, \

I was using Aquamacs 3.2, the most recent at the time of writing.

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    Can you please include the actual text of the error?
    – elethan
    Dec 28, 2015 at 2:20

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It looks like this might be a symptom of a bug in Aquamacs that has supposedly been fixed. See this discussion

It seems like the user in that post was able to solve the problem by running:

touch /Applications/Aquamacs.app/Contents/Resources/etc/publicsuffix.txt

from the terminal to create the missing file. You can try this, our try creating the file from emacs by calling C-x C-f (find-file), entering the complete the path /Applications/Aquamacs.app/Contents/Resources/etc/publicsuffix.txt and confirming that you want to create the file which seems to be missing.

The issue is that the function url-domsuf-parse-file is expecting to find that file, and it isn't where it should be. I am not sure what the consequences are of putting an empty file in its place, but it is worth a try. I guess you could even paste in the contents of this file, because I assume that is what it is looking for.

Finally, if you are using an outdated version of Aquamacs, you should update if possible, and the problem will likely fix itself.

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