Vim has the following setting:

:help gdefault

When on, the ":substitute" flag 'g' is default on.  This means that
all matches in a line are substituted instead of one.  When a 'g' flag
is given to a ":substitute" command, this will toggle the substitution
of all or one match.

How do I get this behavior in evil-emacs?

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There is a variable named: evil-ex-substitute-global

If you check it with C-h v, it will give you the explanation:

If non-nil substitute patterns a global by default. Hide Usually (if this variable is nil) a substitution works only on the first match of a pattern in a line unless the 'g' flag is given, in which case the substitution happens on all matches in a line. If this option is non-nil, this behaviour is reversed: the substitution works on all matches unless the 'g' pattern is specified, then is works only on the first match.

Hope this helps.

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