I would like to load TODO objects from individual files using org-babel and elisp. I have a working snippet that produces this output.

#+RESULTS: import_file
:   * TODO Go to grocery store
:   * TODO Go to bank
:   * TODO Go to dry cleaners

The : in the output causes org-mode not to recognize the TODO keywords. I want the output to look like this:

#+RESULTS: import_file
* TODO Go to grocery store
* TODO Go to bank
* TODO Go to dry cleaners

Is there an org-babel configuration item that accomplishes this? If not, is there another way to accomplish this without modifying org-babel?

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    If you want results to be inserted without any kind of formatting, then you would add that information to the source block header, viz. :results raw. The problem with this method is that repeated calls to the same block will not remove the previous results. You could also use :result org, which would insert it as a Org source (editable as other source blocks). Also, see this: orgmode.org/worg/org-contrib/babel/header-args.html
    – wvxvw
    Commented Jan 9, 2016 at 14:32
  • I need an option of both raw and replace. :results org produces comma delimited output for some reason.
    – nathan
    Commented Jan 11, 2016 at 15:21

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Sorry, this is super old, but I thought I'd post the solution for people who find this in the future.

use :wrap "x"

Put whatever text you want in for x. This gives similar results for raw, but doesn't have the repeating issue.

#+name: hello-world 
#+BEGIN_SRC latex :wrap "test"

#+RESULTS: hello-world

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