Recent versions of Magit (>=2.3) have snazzy new popups with variables that feature more than two options.

enter image description here

Here, r cycles between the three values: true, false, and default:false.

I almost always pull with rebase, so how can I make the default default:true instead?


The default for the repository can be changed from the branch popup: b M-r.... The branch popup is used for creating, checking out, and modifying branches.

To set the global default use git config --global pull.rebase true.

  • When I change the default for a repository, does it modify files in the .git folder? – PythonNut Jan 11 '16 at 16:25
  • 1
    Yes. (Same for branch.<name>.rebase.) – tarsius Jan 11 '16 at 16:56

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