When writing LaTeX code I use a snippet that expands begin to the following \begin{$1} \label{$1:$2} $0 \end{$1} This suits most of my purposes well, since I use labels rather systematically. Still there are often times when I do not need a label in an environment and I'd love for a slightly more sophisticated snippet to be possible. I suppose my question boils down to the following:

In the above snippet, is it possible to tell yasnippet to write \begin{$1} $0 \end{$1} if I have started typing part of the $0 input after leaving $2 blank?

I realize there are many reasonable alternatives to automating this, including using either a separate, non-labelled version of this snippet when I don't need labels or replacing the second snippet line with $2\label{$1:$3} and killing that line when unnecessary; this is more of an educational exercise for me about the more advanced features in yasnippets. I feel like knowing how to optionally remove portions of a snippet based on input would be useful in other applications. Thanks in advance for your advice!

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