below is my function for reschedule agenda item to "today + 3 days

(defun my/org-agenda-reschedule-week () 
    (org-agenda-schedule nil "+3d"))

similarly i want function for rescheduling agenda item after current time + 3 hours, these code doesn't work

(defun my/org-agenda-reschedule-hour () 
    (org-agenda-schedule nil "+3h"))


This function should do what you want:

(defun my/org-agenda-reschedule-hour () 
  (org-agenda-date-later-hours 3))

You can then bind it with:

(define-key org-agenda-mode-map "x" 'my/org-agenda-reschedule-hour)

Where x is whatever key you want. If you want to create more similar functions, there is also org-agenda-date-later-minutes, as well as earlier versions for both this and the hours function. Similarly, you can use (org-agenda-date-later n) to shift by n days

  • That solved my problem, i am also surprised that this function "org-agenda-date-later-hours" has not been mentioned in Org Mode PDF Manual. where can i find such functions, if i put "M-x apropos-command org-agenda" then would it list all functions for org agenda ? – nirag Jan 20 '16 at 7:11
  • @nirag, unfortunately, I don't think these functions are documented in the org manual. The way that I learned about the functions was by looking through the org-mode source code, and reading the documentation for the individual functions in the source. You can get to the source with M-x find-library org-agenda. Of course, if you already know the name of the function you are interested in, you can use C-h f and then the name of your function, and you will get the documentation with a link to the source. – elethan Jan 20 '16 at 15:18

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