I'm learning emacs now and I've run into a problem.
I would like to use orgtbl minor-mode within an HTML file and be able to update the contents of the org table as HTML code directly.

I saw an YouTube video and got interested to do so. But I don't know how. Here is my code as entered in emacs.
enter image description here

I do not know where I'm wrong.


The doc for this quite nice feature is in Appendix A of org manual and says (emphasis mine):

Just above the source table, we put a special line that tells Orgtbl mode how to translate this table and where to install it. For example:

#+ORGTBL: SEND table_name translation_function arguments...

So you need to remove the blank line between the #+ORGTBL: and the table itself. Typing C-c C-c with point in the table does update html code in the RECEIVE ORGTBL area.

Command orgtbl-insert-radio-table inserts a skeleton, avoiding this kind of problems.

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