It seems by default this can't be done. For example, if I try to activate helm-mini, and then from there activate helm-M-x, I get the error message: Error: Trying to run helm within a running helm session. Is there a good way around this constraint when writing a custom function?

My use case is this: I am trying to write my own function that will try to call helm-mini, but if helm is already running (i.e., if helm-alive-p evaluates to t) it will run helm-projectile-find-file instead. What I have so far is:

(defun es/helm-mini-or-projectile-find-file ()
  (if (not (helm-alive-p))
    (progn (helm-keyboard-quit)

I am trying to kill helm if it is running before calling helm-projectile-find-file, because, as mentioned above, I can't run a helm command if I am already in the middle of another helm command. However, it seems like helm-keyboard-quit breaks out of the function before helm-projectile-find-file is executed. Or perhaps there is something else wrong with my code. I am still not very proficient at all with emacs lisp. Is there a good way to get around the constraint of no helm commands during a running helm session?

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(helm-run-after-exit FUNCTION &rest ARGS)

helm-run-after-exit exits current helm session, and then runs FUNCTION, so this is what you want:

(defun es/helm-mini-or-projectile-find-file ()
  (if (helm-alive-p)
      (helm-run-after-exit #'helm-projectile-find-file)

To call this command from a helm session, you need to bind a key to it since you can't use helm-M-x, e.g.,

(bind-key "C-c C-p" #'es/helm-mini-or-projectile-find-file)

Similarly, if you want to use helm-M-x from arbitrary helm commands, you can wrap helm-M-x with a new command and assign a key from helm-map to it.

(defun my-helm-M-x ()
     (lambda () (call-interactively #'helm-M-x)))))

(bind-key "M-x" #'my-helm-M-x helm-map)

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